Welcome to the blogspot of Melbourne writer, Elizabeth Jane

Welcome to the blogspot of Melbourne writer, Elizabeth Jane

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to make Pice Bach

Life has been unbelievably busy since returning home - with interviews, articles to write, library work to catch up on, a language to keep learning, and a family all deserving of my time.

I have thought about blogging so many times, but it has never quite happened. Today, at last I show up with a recipe. The Anglicised name for this sweet treat is Welsh cakes. But the Cymraeg is so much more evocative - Pice Bach ar y maen - little cakes baked on the stone.

Cynhwsion - Ingredients
  • 8 owns blawd hunan-codi (hint: hunan-codi means self raising)
  • 3 owns menyn (butter)
  • pinsio halen (I leave the salt out)
  • 3 owns cwrens (currants)
  • pinsio sbeis cymsyg (mixed pice)
  • Wy (an egg - the w is supposed to have a little accent but I don't know how to achieve this, yet)
  • tipyn bach llaeth i gymysgu (a little milk to mix)
Dull - method
  • Rhwbio 'r menyn i mewn i'r blawd hunan-codi nes iddo edrych fel brwision bara - rub the butter into the self raising flour until it looks like the bread crumbs 
  • Ychwanegu y cynhwysion sych, yr wy a 'r llaeth - add the dry ingredients, the egg and the milk
  • Cymysgu i does ffyrm - mix to a firm dough
  • Rholio allan, a thorri yn grwn - roll out and cut into rounds
  • Pobi ar y maen dros wres cymedrol - cook on the stone (cast iron pan will do) over a medium heat.

Mmm ... delicious - mwynhau!