Welcome to the blogspot of Melbourne writer, Elizabeth Jane

Welcome to the blogspot of Melbourne writer, Elizabeth Jane

Friday, December 16, 2011

Great little giant

Cawr mawr bychan — great little giant,
Cryf cadarn gwan, gwynion ruddiau — strong, mighty weakling, pale of cheek.
Cyfoethog tlawd — poor wealthy one,
A'n Tad a'n Brawd, awdur brodiau … our Father and Brother, author of brothers ...
Isel uchel — low and high,
Emmanuael, mêl feddyliau … Emmanuel of honeyed thoughts ...
Pali ni myn — he won't have silk,
Nid urael gwyn ei gynhiniau — of no white weaving are his rags;
Yn lle syndal — no fine linen
Ynghylch ei wâl gwelid carpiau … where he lies, only tatters ...
Ei leferydd — and his words
Wrth fugelydd, gwylwyr ffaldau — are for shepherds, the fold-watchers,
Engyl yd fydd — there'll be angels
A nos fal dydd dyfu'n olau- like day, night will become bright ...
Nos lawenydd — a night for joy
I lu bedydd; byddwn ninniau — for all Christendom; so let us be.

This lovely poem was written by Brother Madog sometime in the twelfth century.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Pastor Matt Glover forced to resign

A bit of a black day for the Baptist Church - among whom I am ranked.

After a secret? Clandestine? Impromptu? Members meeting Pastor Matt Glover has been asked to resign from his position at Lilydale Baptist Church because of his support for members of the gay and lesbian community.

Here is a quote from a paper Matt Glover wrote as part of his theological studies entitled:

Pastoral Response to Homosexuality in the Church

“Our churches have argued the issue on biblical, theological and moral grounds for years, and agreement seems elusive. But as the battles rage, real people are being forgotten, left bruised and hurting, and wondering where they fit. While not tackling the more specific issues of the debate like gay marriage and the ordination of practicing homosexuals, it is the purpose of this paper to bring another approach to the issue that is based on our equality before God, the work of the Spirit in our lives, and the unity that the Spirit produces in our church communities.

This alternative approach requires journeying with the real people stuck in the middle of the debate, listening to their questions and seeking answers together. It is a pastoral response that has its grounding in scripture and in my experience of ministry over the last twenty years …

Pastoral care begins with the life and practice of Jesus. With those on the fringe of his society, Jesus was welcoming and compassionate, touching the untouchable, loving the unlovable and creating a community that saw all people as equals before God. His life included teaching on scripture and the condemnation of religious leaders who had twisted scripture to protect the institutional religion. But never did Jesus isolate those with a genuine response to his care and his teaching on the Kingdom of God.

Pastoral care in the church must reflect the care of Jesus by opposing rules that drain life, and instead, create a life giving community where burdens are carried together."

Not an unreasonable response, I would argue. Yet Matt Glover has been asked to resign.

This leaves him without full time employment.

Shelley Argent of PFlag (Parents and Friends of lesbians and gays) Queensland, has started a fundraising appeal for Matt Glover and his family by donating $1000.

She has opened a bank account at the Bank of Queensland for direct debits and donations.

BSB: 124-001 Account No: 2172-4166

Account Name: Shelley Argent (for Matt Glover)

Please put in what you can.

Alternatively, if you would like to post a cheque or money order please write them to Rev. M. Glover and address the envelope to PFLAG, PO Box 1372, Eagle Farm 4009.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Fy wythnos Cymreig

Dydd Llun - Monday

Fe gorffennais i ddarllen 'Mae hen wlad fy nhadau gan Gwynfor Evans - I finished reading 'Land of my fathers by Gwynfor Evans.

Roedd pedwar cant chwech deg pump tudalen gyda y llyfr - the book had four hundred and sixty five pages.

Fe ddarllenais i pob tudalen. - I read every page.

Wnes i ddim yn ddarllen e yn Gymraeg - I didn't read it in Welsh.

Ond, bydda i'n darllen e yn Gymraeg unwaith nes ymlaen. - but, I will read it in Welsh one day.

Dydd Mawrth - Tuesday

Roedd y ddosbarth diwetha Cymraeg am eleni - was the last Welsh class for this year.

Fe orffennon ni ddarllen 'Y bywyd Blodwen Jones' - we finished reading 'The life of Blodwen Jones.'

Roedd e'n ddoniol iawn.

Dydd Mercher - Wednesday

Fe es i i weld 'Under Milk Wood' ar y theatr Heidelberg - I went to see Under Milk Wood at the Heidleberg Theatre.

Fe mwynheuais i e yn fawr iawn - I enjoyed it very much.

Dydd Iau - Thursday

Wnes i ddim gwneud dim byd Cymreig - I didn't do anything Welsh.

Gosh! What do you think I am? Obsessive? 😊

Dydd Gwener - Friday

Siaradais i gyda ffrindiau newydd ar Skype - I spoke with my new friend on Skype.

Fe wnaethon ni siarad Cymraeg ers bron dwy awr - we spoke Welsh for almost two hours. (there were a few English words thrown in - but mostly Welsh)

Dw i wedi blino iawn nawr I am very tired now.

Mae rhaid i fi fynd i gwely - I must go to bed.

Nos da!