Welcome to the blogspot of Melbourne writer, Elizabeth Jane

Welcome to the blogspot of Melbourne writer, Elizabeth Jane

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Andrew's Christmas Letter

FYI, No Action required

Security Classification: Personal

Corbett Family 2009 – Executive summary

Total – continued to create value by focusing on core business strengths, strived for best practice processes, maximised leverage and synergy opportunities to meet 95% of key deliverables in budget and on time

Business units:
Ø Key successes – wrote 24/7, 52 blogs, 259 twitters, passed TAFE, 4 book reviews, 1 Short story prize (1st out of 1700 entrants) 1 publisher reviewing novel draft

Ø 2010 challenges – write 24/8, get publisher contract


Ø Key successes – Parliamentary placement, snow, beach and Vietnam holidays, caught a fish, offered PhD scholarships at Melbourne Uni and ANU

Ø 2010 challenges – exchange Public service tailored work suits for Uni style tweed coat with sleeve patches. Get a pipe.


Ø Key successes – Work promotions, holidays (refer Jack) Junior soccer coach and Senior Premier player and trophy champ, Melb shopping trips.

Ø 2010 challenges – support uni bum husband (refer Jack)

Ø Key successes – traveled to Switzerland, finished uni, got married (refer Andrew M), emptied bedroom, back feeling a lot better

Ø 2010 challenges – start Social work masters, marriage adjustment and cross cultural move - outer Melb suburbs (Z2) to inner suburbs (Z1)

Andrew M
Ø Key successes – kept job in GFC, paid down credit card, Tassie hiking, got married (refer Phoebe)

Ø 2010 challenges – keep job in GFC, make room in wardrobe for Phoebe’s stuff, keep credit card down

Ø Key successes – finished first yr Uni, got a girlfriend - Monique (Note: punching well above his weight)

Ø 2010 challenges – Asia holiday, work out a way to spend more time with Monique

Ø Key successes – joined a drama production group (2 great performances) joined a new church youth group, watched 2,250 hours of TV/DVD’s

Ø 2010 challenges – go to school each day

Andrew C
Ø Key successes – kept job in GFC, paid the bills, OS work travel, 9 weeks on jury duty, Prom hiking, some nice gigs and song writing, solo bike ride Adel-Melb – ‘1000 kays in 7 days’

Ø 2010 challenges – keep job in GFC, pay the bills

Ø Chooks – production down due aging workforce. 2010 will see some older redundancies and possible new grad hires

Ø Dog – did nothing, needs to stop chewing own feet and start cleaning up own pooh

Mission – maintain some semblance of order, amidst chaos

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