Welcome to the blogspot of Melbourne writer, Elizabeth Jane

Welcome to the blogspot of Melbourne writer, Elizabeth Jane

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Goodbye Hannercymraes...

Okay, this is written with a tear in my eye. Today we will say goodbye to hannercymraes.

'Why?' I hear you ask. 'It's a great blog. Such an original name.'

Original, yes. Granted. But can you say hannercymraes? Spell it? Can anyone outside of Welsh wales even know what it means?

Exactly. I am moving on.

This has been my first blog but it has come to a slow and natural end. I have purchased a domain name (yes, I know pretty grown up) and signed up with Wordpress. From now on, you will find me at (drumroll).


Yes, thank you, thank you. I appreciate your applause.

The name will be no less forgettable, granted. But it does have the advantage of being spell-able and pronounceable.

For those of you who have been good enough to subscribe to hannercymraes and to comment and send emails (you know who you are - all three of you) please follow me over to elizabethjanecorbett.com

While you are there, please notice all the wonderful social media buttons I've inserted. They took me ages. I'm feeling thoroughly modern (and exhausted). Please excuse lack of interesting graphics (I'm can't code and have purchased a template). But it's mine - and I love it. I hope to blog more frequently and more fervently. So keep your eyes peeled.

Hwyl fawr! Wela i chi yno - see you there!

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Anonymous said...

Yes I will follow to your new site. However you are the first (only?) 'half welsh woman' that turns up when i do a google search when I didnt have your blog address on me,