Welcome to the blogspot of Melbourne writer, Elizabeth Jane

Welcome to the blogspot of Melbourne writer, Elizabeth Jane

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Introducing: Skimble (beware, this blog may change your life)

Ordinarily, I wouldn't recommend a personal trainer. It's nothing more than a temptation to hate somebody. But, when I down loaded the Skimble App, Kim, Sophia and Jack were part of the package.
I thought: why not? Extend yourself!

I used Jack in Lorne and Sophia in Tassie, so this trip, (fair’s fair) I brought Kim along.

My first night in Adelaide, I activated the Running Interval workout. Anticipating three eight minute jogs, interspersed with two minute power walks. This was rather ambitious, as I have mostly been working out on a cross trainer at the gym. But, I am a carer this week, on dutiful daughter duty.

A significant boost was required.

I managed the first eight minutes without hiccup. Okay, I am lying. I had to drop off mum’s prescription at the five minute mark which gave me a chance to breath. But after that, only three more minutes. I earned myself a power walk.

Kim kept up a steady stream of encouragement:

You’re doing great, she said in her computer generated monotone. Get psyched!

Imagine my surprise, therefore, when after the first two minute power walk, Kim told me to sprint for thirty seconds. Then jog! Then sprint! Then jog! Then sprint!

Hang on, I knew this workout! I cooked it up under a delusion of supreme fitness. It involved a hefty chunk of interval training slap bang in the middle. I would have to stop, choose another workout. It was too much.

Think positive, Kim piped in, believe in yourself!

What a dilemma. On the one hand, my natural antipathy to pain and exertion. The other, Kim challenging me to break boundaries. You can do it! she said.
And suddenly I was! Running like a hare.

You’re doing fantastic

I made it right through that interval segment. I even got half way through my next eight minute jog.

Remember to breath deeply, Kim said. By now I had stitch. Keep your form together, she added, as I slowed to a walk. This is no time to slack

But, here’s the thing thing about Kim. She didn’t scold me, not once. No matter how slowly I walked. Even when I came to a halt. She kept up her flow of positive words.

Bring it on, she said as I staggered up the driveway of Mum’s retirement village. Step it up, as I collapsed. You’ll feel the satisfaction of this tomorrow, she added, as I fumbled for button on my iPhone.

And Kim was right. I am still here in Aberfoyle Park. Focussed! Agile! and Pumped!

, Kim added, at around the four minute mark. Get into it!

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