Welcome to the blogspot of Melbourne writer, Elizabeth Jane

Welcome to the blogspot of Melbourne writer, Elizabeth Jane

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My First Fabulous Five

Okay, here are my first Fab Five nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award, an eclectic mix - some completely new, some re-discovered (while I have been working on updating my feed-reader), and others I have been meaning to read for some time.

1. Five Star Friday
2. Mulberry Road
3. Reading the Past
4. From Hook to Book
5. Dusty Heaps

The Rules for excepting the Versatile Blogger Award are as follows:

Thank the person who nominated you. Tell 7 things about yourself, so that your readers may learn more about you, and nominate 15 other newly discovered bloggers, then let them know you nominated them.


genevieve said...

Thanks Liz!! I've put something up. It's not extensive I'm afraid, and it may well be all.

Not as versatile as I was...sadly. But thanks for thinking of me.

Chris Bell said...

Hi Liz
Thanks for nominating me for a Versatile Blogger award - very exciting.
I will check out what I need to do to fulfil the criteria.
Of course, you will be one of my nominees, though not in Welsh.