Welcome to the blogspot of Melbourne writer, Elizabeth Jane

Welcome to the blogspot of Melbourne writer, Elizabeth Jane

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Meddwl yn Cymraeg

I haven't blogged much lately. Indeed, a world terrorists has been eliminated. A prince married without mention and most significantly my father in law said goodbye to his seventies without without so much as a comment comment.

But funnily enough, no one has noticed.

Well, maybe one person.

Ond dw i ddim yn poeni - but I am not worried

Dw i 'n rhy prysur! I am too busy.

I have a language to learn.

Dw i wedi bod yn ymarfer siarad Cymreag am hanner awr, bob dydd. I have been practicing speaking Welsh for half an hour every day. Sometimes, morning and evening.

Dw in meddwl yn Cymreag, trwy 'r dydd - I think about Welsh all day.

Pryd dw i'n deffro, pryd dw i'n bwyta fy Nghinio, a pryd dw i'n mynd i wely.

When I wake, when I eat my lunch and when I go to bed.

Dw i'n periant! I am a machine.

Dw i ddim wedi yn ysgriffenu yn Cymraeg, yn aml iawn - that is to say: I don't write in Cymraeg very often. Achos, dw i'n ofni i wneud camgymeriadau - because I am afraid to make mistakes.

Ond, dwyt ti ddim yn dysgu heb gwneud camgymeriadau - but you can't learn without making mistakes. 
A mae o'n amhosibl i feddwl am rhy gormod pethau - and it is impossible to think about too many things (don't know how to say at once in Welsh). 

Felly, dw i'n wedi prenderfynu i ysgriffenu fy mhlog yn Cymraeg am gyfnod - therefore, I have decided to write my blog in Welsh for a while. 

Dydy o ddim yn bod ysgriffenu yn dda - it will not be good writing. 

(Not sure if that should be dydy o ddim or dydy hi ddim - whether the subject is masculine or feminine?

But it doesn't matter. 

Dwyt ti ddim yn dysgu heb gwneud camgymeriadau! You can't learn without making mistakes!

So, if you are one of those people that didn't miss my lack of world commentary, mae'n ddrwg da fi! Sorry!

Dw i'n mynd i ysgriffenu yn Cymraeg nawr - I am going to write in Welsh now. A ti'n medru darllen yn Cymraeg, am gyfnod - and you read in Welsh for a while.


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